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Carpet Measuring Scams



Regarding the subject of trusting a carpet salesperson, whom should you trust to accurately measure your home to determine how much new Carpet you need to buy? 


If you were to trust a dishonest or inexperienced retail carpet salesperson to determine the proper measurements for your home you could easily be overcharged for the amount of materials you need.  In fact, it is very common for consumers to overpay for the amount of Carpet they need, and are easily overcharged by hundreds of dollars or more!



What is Carpet Over-Measuring?

Most two-bedroom homes need about 100 yards of carpet on average.


If you were to select a carpet that cost $20 per square yard installed with pad, for 100 yards your total price would be $2000.


When the salesperson measures your home, all they have to do is tell you that you need 110 yards of carpet, your total price would be $2200.00, a difference of $200! It's that easy to overcharge you, and it is so common! How can you avoid this over-measuring scam?


Accurately measuring for carpet is a learned ability, it is an art that takes years to master! An experienced carpet measurer can save you a lot of money by efficiently and strategically measuring your home. The goal is to make sure the seams are located in the best possible locations and that you have the least amount of material waste. 


In contrast, An inexperienced (unqualified) carpet salesperson can mistakenly over-measure and end up charging you hundreds more than necessary! If you end up with a lot of leftover carpet when the job is completed, that might be your first sign that you have been over-measured. 


Some material waste is unavoidable, and if you are selecting a different color or style of carpet in every room, then using leftover carpet from one area to fill in seams or closets in other areas may not be possible. If you are using the exact same carpet throughout your home, then leftovers from one area CAN and should be used in other areas to make best use of the materials available, thus saving you money!



But even worse, any carpet salesperson can easily over-measure you, either by accident, or intentionally, and you will pay hundreds more than is necessary for your Carpet, for your Padding and for the installation costs too! You may never be aware of how much you actually overpaid.


Any homeowner could easily be over-measured by 10, 20, 30 yards or more and not have a clue. This over-measuring could cost you hundreds or even thousands more than necessary. You need to know how to avoid this common carpet scam, and many others.



My Suggestions?


You need to get more than just one bid/estimate for your project and compare them side by side. Three bids would be better. 


It is the only way you can be certain that you are NOT being ripped off. If after you get three free estimates/measures you are still uncertain that the measurements you have received are accurate, you might want to hire an independent carpet installer to stop by and measure your home to verify. 


Sure it might cost you as much as $125 to have an independent carpet layer not connected to the retail sale to measure your home, but it could save you hundreds and give you peace of mind.


In the next few pages, I reveal the most valuable information and hard-to-find carpet buying secrets you need to know to save the most money on your new carpet. 


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