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(emails from website visitors and eBook purchasers)



Alan, Thank you so much for all your help.  My wife and I had decided to finish our basement and in addition to putting carpet down there, we were going to replace the worn out carpet we had in our family room at the same time. 


Initially, without doing any research, we decided on some carpet that one of our neighbors had in her house that we liked a lot, we asked her where she got it and she recommended Lowe's.

We went to Lowe's and picked out the carpet, a very nice Berber, and set up an appt for them to come out and measure.  In the meantime, my wife purchased your ebook and we began to do some research.  Once we had learned everything there was to know about twist, face weight and density, not to mention the pros and cons of Berber, mostly cons in our case with two kids and two cats, we were rethinking our carpet choice.  Lowe's came out and measured and their price came in at over $5900.

Based on our research with your book, we decided to visit a local Mom and Pop carpet retailer close to our house.  After much discussion, many visits and lots of back and forth with the retailer, we were able to select a better quality carpet than the Lowe's brand, and have it installed for a little over $4700. 

Thanks so much for your help! - Joel, Harleysville, PA


"Thank you for writing such an informative book and decoding the carpet buying process. This is the most useful book with great practical advice I have ever come across.  Right at the time of commencing our carpet buying process we found your website and e-book, which made this process very simple and fun for us. After reading your book we felt well informed and comfortable to make a pick not entirely based on looks, which we would have done had we not found your e-book. We are now confident that we are making a more appropriate choice for our family." - V.G. in Virginia


Hi Alan, Thanks for the informative book. I had been shopping for carpet for the last 6 months and with all the confusion provided by the sales people I was unable to determine who really had the best deal for me.  Then I found your website purchased your book, read it the same day, and went back to the stores. The sales guys weren't ready for my new found knowledge and they had to refer me to their store manager because they didn't have the experience to answer my questions about what they were trying to sell me.  None of the carpet stores had the carpet specs that you mentioned and only two of them went out of their way to contact their distributors to get me the specs I needed. Thanks to you,  I ended up getting a great deal and peace of mind knowing that the carpet I have is good quality. Thanks from Tim in Florida


"I appreciate all the things I have learned from your ebook on carpeting and buying carpet." - J. Craft 


"Alan, I purchased your Carpet Buying Guide and found it extremely helpful.  The first few times I went looking for carpet, I was totally overwhelmed. Your book saved me money and definitely made things much easier to understand!" - Kevin Bale, Waco, TX


"Alan, Your book has been a great source of information." - Kelly W. 


Hi Alan,

Just to say thanks for all your brilliant info. I'm about to buy new carpeting for most of my house and your information has made the task of choosing what type to buy very much easier. Thanks again.


Dear Alan

I purchased your online book yesterday and read all night!  I went out today and got an estimate on carpeting our basement.  We are moving into our new home this April.  We have one six year old, a puppy, and a baby on the way.  I wanted to get something durable that will last about 5 to 7 years and that will keep us at our $2,000 dollar budget.   Your book was a life-saver.  I really felt like I asked the right questions and know I picked well. 




I never knew there was so much to consider when buying carpet but truly appreciate all the assistance you have provided us.  We definitely want to make the best decision since this is such a costly purchase. -Rachel



Dear Mr. Fletcher,

First things first.....thank you, thank you, thank you. I have learned more about carpeting, padding and installation in the last hour than I have learned in my 63 plus years on this earth.  It's obvious that your endeavors to educate others in this major purchase is a labor of love. No, I don't know all I need to know.  I have much more to read in your book and lots to learn.  So far, I have changed my mind about three times.  I thought I wanted Berber, but now after doing some reading here, I am leaning towards frieze for my condo. I don't have a huge space to carpet (a 15' x 24' area), but I need to spend my money very wisely. I plan to go out and window shop........yes, just look at carpeting over the next couple of days and then come back here and read some more and perhaps ask you a question or two. Mostly, I just want you to know how much someone like me appreciates someone like you.  Many thanks and best regards



Hi, Alan.  After shopping for months and visiting six local flooring stores, my husband and I found that we were very confused about carpet buying.  I went to your web site, downloaded your book and, after reading it, felt better equipped to go out again into the world of carpet. Steve T.



Alan, I just purchased and read your excellent E-book. Thank you very much for all your help. Teresa



Alan, Ok, so I didn’t find your website until 19 months too late. I had a house built and my builder sent me to the local chop shop. I made the big mistake of trusting their knowledge and expertise. I got plush polyester, and needless to say, with my wife and 2 sons, it now is completely crushed, matted and discolored in the traffic areas. (never walked on with shoes either) We have recently had the carpet cleaned using the company that Carpet One recommended, and we see absolutely no difference. (carpet been down 19 months, vacuumed several times per week , etc etc) The franchise owner came out and blamed me, to my face, for not doing my research. He told me I bought the higher end of the “cheap carpet” and I am stuck with it.


Hi Alan, I ordered your E-book back in July and I just love it! So many things I didn't know. I'm hoping this week is the week to start shopping. Thanks, Laura


I would like to say that I appreciate your book- I didn't realize that carpet buying could be so complicated but am glad for the information since it is such a large financial investment. Tom P.


Hi Alan,
So, now that I have this (polyester P.E.T.) plastic carpet it is doing exactly what it says on your informative site, what can I legally do now? This is a carpet nightmare. I filed with the BBB and the owner of the shop came and an inspector (independent) came just today. Wish I had done more of my homework and knew of your book before I bought the wrong carpet. Georgette


Alan,  I believe that you have already saved me $100's.  I have two dogs and a baby due on December 10th.  Initially I was looking a a Berber carpet from Home Depot because I thought that it is shorter and would be more durable with dogs and a kids.  Good thing I came across your site before I made the purchase.  :)  Anyway, the reason I'm writing to you is we are currently in the beginning stages of carpet shopping AFTER reading your book and am looking at a Coronet carpet made by Beaulieu. Thank you!


Hi Alan,
You cannot know how much I appreciate your advice. I read everything you sent, took notes, did some further research (can you tell I'm a teacher/librarian?).  I started shopping around and have found a higher quality of carpet. I have narrowed my choices to a textured Gulistan and a Saxony Mohawk I found. I like the appearance of the Gulistan but the warranty of the Mohawk. Thanks so much! Lisa H.


Hi Alan, I was able to download the book and thank you. I've already skimmed the book and feel armed with valuable information when I meet with the flooring specialist.  Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge with the unwitting consumer!!  Barb G.


Dear Alan, I've read your website and book--it's packed with information, and I am appalled at how ignorant I've been about buying carpet. Thank you for imparting the wisdom you've gained in your 30 years in the business. (thanks for saving me from a bad decision.)


Hi Alan, I read your ebook this morning and went on a mission to search for carpet today.  Boy, what a task that is!  Your book is incredibly helpful though and allowed me to narrow my search immensely.  I went to about 6 different places and ended up back at the first place I went.  It is an owner operated store in business for 25 years. Thank you very much! Darren C.


Alan, Thank you. Great book. Your book is worth far more than you ask. Thank you so much and have your best day ever. Michael F.



I finally have new carpet and I encountered nearly every pitfall mentioned in your fantastic book.  Without your book I would have been lost, thank you for your contribution to our enlightenment of the carpet world, many thanks for your great advice" - C.L.. Moreno Valley CA.


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