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How to choose new carpet and flooring like a pro! AbcCarpets.com

How To Choose New Flooring Like A Pro!


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Carpet Comparison 

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I created this Carpet Shopping Form to help homeowners make wise and informed choices, Avoid Scams and Costly Retail Carpet Buying Mistakes.

Carpet Prices are Rising!  


If you haven't checked carpet prices in a few years, you'll be shocked when you see the high cost of a good quality carpet and padding. Twenty years ago, a medium quality carpet, with pad and installation, used to run about $30 a square yard. Now that same quality is closer to $50. A decent 6-pound Rebond Pad used to cost about $3 a yard. Now it's about $5. Most carpet makers now recommend using 8-pound density padding which is a bit more. Types of Carpet Padding


Carpet Installation Costs have increased too. It was once common to pay $3 to $5 per square yard for carpet installation. Now you can expect to pay $5 to $8 or more depending on where you live, your job details and what grade of carpet you select. This is one area where you should never skimp! 



What Grade of Carpet Should I Buy?


How Much Does New Carpet Cost?



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Carpet Shopping Form and other free guides and charts - AbcCarpets.com



Choosing the Right Grade of Carpet


It's not like it was 30 or 40 years ago when choices were very limited and most carpets were manufactured quite well. Today there are thousands of different grades, styles and quality levels to choose from. 


This makes it very difficult for most homeowners to make wise choices. Choose the wrong grade of carpet and you will be throwing money away. 


Some Carpets are only designed to last for just a couple years before they start to wear out... but some carpets are made so well, they can easily last 20 years or more! What is the difference you ask? 


Why do some Carpets last longer than others? It all depends on the materials they use to manufacture the carpet! Most important is choosing the right carpet fiber to meet  your needs and goals!




Carpet Padding


It's not a good idea to skimp on padding if you want your new carpet to last as long as possible. When carpet padding fails it simply flattens out and provides no more support. This happens most commonly in main walkways and on stairs. 


Bottom line: When your padding fails your carpet will wear out much faster due to the increased amount of abrasion. 


Some carpet pads provide excellent long-term support for your carpet and are reasonably priced. Some carpet pads are made from less durable ingredients and collapse quickly. It's real easy to select the wrong grade, type, thickness or density of padding. Learn more Types of Carpet Padding



Should I Buy Carpet from Home Depot, Empire Today or Lowe's?


Don't Fall For Misleading TV Commercials offering new carpet and installation at ridiculously low prices! If it sounds too good to be true... Let me show you how to quickly spot common retail Carpet Scams and how to make wise and informed Carpet Choices! 


Learn more Big Box Carpet Installation Specials Exposed





About The Carpet Professor:

Looking to buy new carpeting but feeling overwhelmed by all the choices, options and potential scams? The Carpet Professor's website is a free unbiased carpet information resource and buying guide for consumers. Alan Fletcher is a retired 30-year industry expert and consumer advocate. He maintains a special hand-picked list of locally-owned carpet and flooring stores to recommend to his readers.


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